Porto City Hall establishes the Municipal Ombudsman and strengthens the competencies of the Office for Social Inclusion

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Porto City Hall will establish the Ombudsman within the Municipality, in the beginning of 2018.

The Municipal Ombudsman is an impartial entity who will be in charge of receiving inquiries of each individual citizen, male or female in an open and inclusive way.

The Municipal Ombudsman plays a pivotal role as the link between the community and the municipal government, which is seen as the beacon of civic education.
The Office for inclusion will be merged with the Social Cohesion Department. 

This internal reorganisation strengthens the capacity and the policy making of the municipality in providing adequate responses to the problems facing citizens with disabilities as the Office for Social Inclusion will benefit from a cross-sectoral and horizontal communication with the other departments within the municipality.

It is also win-win that the issues linked to citizens with disabilities are addressed with endogenous capabilities, showing greater performance capacity and project follow-up.