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Porto with no reported Covid-19 cases for three consecutive days

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The General Directorate for Health Report informs that there are no reported Covid-19 cases in Porto for three consecutive days. 

These numbers are stated daily and show that there are, currently, in Porto 1347 positive cases since the beginning of the pandemic. In May, a few hundred cases were reported in Porto, which shows that the city has controlled the epidemic.

Lisbon is the city that reports more Covid-19 cases, now showing 2182 cases, according to the report released today, 800 more cases than in Porto. Official data shows that 80% of the cases in the country have emerged, in this past week, in the Region of Lisbon and Vale do Tejo.

Although the pandemic first started in Portugal in the Northern Region, especially due to the industrial fabric of the region, with direct links to Italy, the swift measures taken by the local authorities, and the high level of compliance and citizenry by the people of Porto and the northern people of Portugal altogether were key to controlling the pandemic.