Porto, "where European heritage meets a global future", say the Times of Oman

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What makes a city special?

The "Times of Oman" have published an article on the city of Porto and provide a really good insight to this question, on the occasion of the Design Muscat Conference, which will be held in Oman, and where Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira will be one of the invited keynote speakers, from 15 to 17 April 2019, to explain the city's attractiveness and competitiveness.

It's all about vision. Truly successful branding demands a strong and robust vision of core values and purpose. Attaining goals, driving revenue and a solid leadership. Mayor Rui Moreira has figured this out, this being the reason why the brand identity of the Invicta, Porto., is one of the major themes of the Design Muscat.

Rui Moreira will participate in the Panel Discussion on 15 April, at 10.35am, and will address the topics of the capital of experience, urban events with the goal of boosting growth and how cities have hosted and valued events since classical times.

Designer Eduardo Aires, Professor of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto and Artistic Director of White Studio, who has designed the visual identity of Porto, is among the keynote speakers of this international conference and will address the audience explaining how fundamental territories are in the definition of concepts and production of content when communicating, especially with visual language. This lecture will happen also on 15 April, at 10.10am.

Both keynote speakers will also be present at the Panel Discussion, at the National Museum of Oman on April 17 and under the moderation of Garima Bhandari the panel will debate the role of the practice of design, art and architecture as economy boosters.

After winning important prizes such as the ED Awards, D&ADAwards or Graphis, awarded in Istanbul, London and New York, the brand commissioned in 2014 by Porto City Hall and created by White Studio, Porto. has been distinguished at the BID as well.

Porto is a city that provides strong and robust support to cultural opportunities, such as museums, the symphony orchestra, alternative film and festivals, art fairs, festivals based on people from other countries, robust live music scene, international food, that is, a city that is diversity friendly. It is a city that will greet visitors so warmly that you can definitely say Porto is a cool city!

Also, the local people love and are proud of their city, and are highly motivated to assure it continues to be a really "great city".

Lying on the Arabian Sea along the Gulf of Oman, in the proximity of the strategic Straits of Hormuz, Muscat offers the opportunity to learn more about the design industry providing that inspirational hit after hearing the speakers share their knowledge and experience.