Porto Super Special Stage Rally de Portugal updates

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This event will not be open to fans, due to coronavirus concerns; nonetheless, aficionados will have the opportunity to watch a Super Special via RTP television transmission. This event scores for the ranking of the WRC programme and the fascinating leg of Porto is scheduled for 22nd May, this time with a Super Special stage at the Forte de São João Baptista, in Foz do Douro. The assembly of the event’s infrastructure is ongoing and on 18 may drivers test the Super Special Porto Leg.

The novelty is the holding of the Rally Super Special in the Foz do Douro in Porto, following previous editions in Porto downtown, in 2016 and in 2018. This time, the outlined rally circuit is more compact, just a little over one kilometre between departure and arrival, located at the Avenue Dom Carlos I, next to the Ourigo beach area. Each competitor will complete three laps of the circuit, which comprise spinning tops, one jump and two chicanes, in a total of 3, 3 timed kilometres.

The choice of this particular circuit, in this part of the city, is due to the pandemic constraints; still, the DGS disclosed a technical report that assumes that limited public in specific sites of the circuit can watch the race; that is, no more than 30% public attendance regarding the Super Special.

However, all things considered – associated costs, an excessively expensive operation and the procurement of services – would not be possible in a timely manner. As such, in this context, the Municipality of Porto and the Automóvel Clube de Portugal (ACP) jointly decided that Porto Special Stage would go forward with no stands and with no public, even because the pedestrian areas were already off limits.

Super Special Stage “is warming its engines”

An event of such breadth requires considerable logistics, which kicked-off early this week. The following dismantle of the structure will extend till 27 May.

In order to comply with all safety measures, there are some traffic adjustments that will enter into force as of today, which will be gradually extended in the coming two weeks. As such, parking in the Avenue D. Carlos I, both sides, in the stretch between the streets of Coronel Raúl Peres and the street of Dom Luís Filipe is not permitted, as well as in the Street Dom Luís Filipe and the Esplanada do Castelo, except in the northern part of the street.

These areas will be halted to traffic, between 9 pm today, 10 May, and 8 pm on 16 May, all across the Av. de D. Carlos I and the Street D. Luís Filipe; and the same traffic constraints apply as regards the Esplanada do Castelo, in the stretch between the street of the Passeio Alegre and the Av. de D. Carlos I. All restrictions will be in place, between 23 and 27 May, for dismantle of the rally structures.

On 18 may drivers test the Super Special Porto Leg, with traffic being halted in the enveloping area of the Forte de S. João Batista. There will be signposting advising recommended routes for circulation matters, between the Atlantic shore (beaches in Foz) and the waterfront of Cantareira.

Access to residents, loading and unloading is guaranteed at all times, as well as access by emergency vehicles. Also, access to the beaches of Carneiro, Ourigo and Ingleses is forbidden on the day the drivers will test the circuit, which is on 18 May, and also on the day of the race, on 22 May.

Constraints regarding the day of the race

The day of the race, on 22 May, all traffic is to be halted, between the Jardim do Calém and the Castelo do Queijo, in the areas comprising the Avenue Dom Carlos I, the Street of the Passeio Alegre, the Esplanada do Castelo, the Street Coronel Raúl Peres, the Street of Senhora da Luz; the Avenue Montevideu and the Avenue Brasil, and the stretch to the Street of Agra. Several areas in the Foz Velha area will also be halted to traffic.

In addition, on 22 May, between 6.30 pm and 10.30 pm, the time of the race, any traffic circulation inside the conditioned are is strongly discouraged.

Porto City Hall provides a support line to clarify the population’s doubts, via the Linha Porto. 220 100 220, under the option 5. This line is operational on working days and on 22 May, between 9 am and 7 pm.

Moreover, there is a complement line, by the Municipal Police, via the phone number 939 012 402. This line is active from Monday to Friday, between 7.30 am and 8.30 pm, and on weekends between 9 am and 6 pm.

Programme – Super Special Stage

Saturday, 22 May

4.30 pm | 5.45 pm – Sports Classics - Qualifiers

6 pm – Sports Classics - Finals

6.30 pm - Sports Classics – Podium ceremony

7.30 pm - WRC

10 pm - Final (projection)

The Super Especial at Foz do Douro will be televised live by RTP and streamed to over 160 countries.