Porto is spotlighted as number one Best of the World 2021 (and beyond) cultural experience destination

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Filipa Brito

National Geographic Traveller UK, states that “whether you’re interested in the arts, culinary culture or history, 2021 brings a host of new museums, festivals and anniversaries to mark”, and Porto is the number one choice in the eight shortlisted places.

Porto soared in the latest city breaks rankings in the past years, owing to the number of flight routes (both by low cost and flagship companies) and it is always described by visitors as a memorable travelling experience. The uniqueness of the Invicta is linked to its “hilly layout”, narrow cobbled streets and the azulejos at the Capela das Almas, pictured in the article by National Geographic, add to the allure of being a Port city, embracing both river and ocean.

In fact, the Douro River banks and the Ribeira neighbourhood are testimonies of the city’s Age of Discovery heritage. Nearby, the Palácio da Bolsa, the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce, brings about the undeniable allure that only majestic buildings can.

Also, in the Ribeira area stands the Casa do Infante, named after Henry the Navigator as he was the precursor of Portuguese expeditions overseas and the place is considered to be his place of birth. The place is also a museum that accommodates 15th century of Portuguese history throughout Asia, Africa and South America.

More recently, there is another reason to visit Porto, as the World of Wine, located in the neighbouring riverside city of Vila Nova de Gaia “brings the whole wine story together”. The WOW (World of Wine) is not only a museum, but six separate museums that offer not only the city history and wine, but also chocolate, fashion, cork, and drinking vessels.

In addition, Porto is candidate to two other titles: the World's Leading City Break Destination 2020 and the prestigious World Travel Awards, in the category "Europe's Leading Heritage Destination 2020". Voting time ended on 25th October and on 24th September, respectively.

Porto has the urban and rustic atmosphere combined in a city whose origins are cemented with hard work and ingenuity. Both results will be announced on 27th November.