Porto Pedestrian areas are suspended till the end of 2020

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Filipa Brito

Porto City Hall decided to suspend, temporarily, the project regarding the city’s pedestrian areas, due to the mandatory curfew issued by the Government, which is in place on weekends as of 1pm.

The municipal decision is in place until December ends and it was taken under the current constraints owing to the pandemic, to help prevent the spread of the new coronavirus in the community. Thus, the city street is, again, open to mobile circulation, which will help to increase traffic flow, especially in areas of greatest flow of local trade businesses, and during the festive season.

This project regarding the pedestrian areas was implemented in June and it demonstrated that there are new ways to enjoy the urban space, by appreciating the city street in a whole renovated perspective, one that is especially prepared to welcome families, friends, residents and visitors, children and adults alike. These pedestrian areas will be back in 2021.