Porto Municipal Theatre features "Foco Marlene"

Bob Lima

Porto Municipal Theatre (TMP) features a cycle on the work by Marlene Monteiro Freitas, themed "Foco Marlene", from 21 to 30 October. The choreographer and dancer's creative doing, a household name all across international stages, comprises the presentation of two plays, her newest project and a symposium that features free activities as cinema sessions and conferences.

This programme, themed "Foco Marlene", kicked off with "Guintche", a play created in 2010 by the artist and that has toured the world. "Guintche" is on show at the Auditorium of Teatro Campo Alegre, on 21 and 22 October, at 9pm.

This is a solo, where Marlene is accompanied by drummers Cookie and Simon Lacouture, and it is an inebriating performance that comprises all the movements seen in her work, namely facial expressions and contortions.

On 24th October, the German dancer Andreas Merk joins the choreographer to take "Jaguar" to the stage. This is the result of the collaboration by both artists, which was highlighted in the 2016 edition of the Festival DDD - Days of the Dance, at the Teatro Municipal de Matosinhos Constantino Nery. The play will take to the stage, again, at Campo Alegre, at 7pm.

Tickets to the shows must be acquired at the theatre page or at the Ticket Box offices of TMP (Rivoli and Campo Alegre). There is a joint ticket for the three shows "Guintche", "Jaguar" and "Mal - Embriaguez Divina". The cost is 14 euros.

The symposium, the cinema sessions and the parallel activities are entrance free, upon prior ticket collection.

See here for further information.