Porto municipal fleet promotes sustainable mobility

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Polícia Municipal já usa veículos elétricos

Miguel Nogueira

Porto municipal fleet has been replaced by environmentally friendly vehicles for the past three years now and the over 4 million kilometres covered by the electric and plug-in vehicles have not only enabled the Municipality to save half a million litters of fuel but also permitted the reduction in the carbon footprint, air pollutants and noise.  

This is in line with the sustainable transport policy of Porto, as the Municipality of the Invicta aims to reduce carbon emissions by operating vehicles using environmentally-friendly forms of energy, reducing maintenance and operation costs, as well as diminishing health risks from dangerous emissions.

The restructuring of the fleet has been a bet of Porto City Hall by focusing on electric or hybrid mobility to achieve a more sustainable mobility through the replacement of the old fleet by a 100% electrical or hybrid plug-in. This measure has contributed to achieve the decarbonisation of transport fuel, which means that there is a reduction of 2,300 tons of CO2 emissions in the streets of Porto.

This October, the Municipal Executive unanimously approved the proposal by the vice-Mayor Filipe Araújo, in charge of Innovation and Environment at Porto City Hall, to renew the lease of light duty vehicles, whose contracts have a duration of 51 months.