Porto marks World Health Day with a campaign to boost a healthy life

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Miguel Nogueira

Today, 7th April, is World Health Day and the Municipality of Porto marks this day with a campaign that raises people’s awareness to the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

The campaign “Comunidades Promotoras da Saúde” – Communities that promote health - is organised by Porto City Hall, under the motto “O Porto sabe cuidar de si”, aka “Porto knows how to take care of itself”, in the context of AIIA Porto - Abordagem Integrada para a Inclusão Ativa [Integrated Approach for Active Inclusion], aimed at achieving innovation, social experimentation and Entertainment in Porto.

The healthy campaign focus targets goals to living a full healthy life, regarding food, physical activity, mental health and consumption. All combined, they lead to promoting healthier habits, such as the appropriate daily intake of water, the importance of exercising regularly, the dangers of smoking and the relevance of caring for mental health, among other. These topics are conveyed through pedagogical materials and videos.

A significant part of the AIIA Programme is devoted to working with communities in the city and boosting their wellbeing and quality of life, either through exercise and physical activities or by means of health literacy. This also allows to reinforce the Social Network professional team’s competences in terms of response capacity.

The AIIA Programme is promoted by Porto City Hall, and supported by Portugal 2020, under the Norte2020.