Porto made it to the 2020 A List regarding environmental action

Miguel Nogueira

Porto is part of the A List as regards environmental action, which features 88 cities worldwide, according the CDP, even amid the pandemic; in fact, Porto continues to ramp up its environmental action and resilience, teaming them up with steady ambitious to keep building its environmental structure.

The CDP a not-for-profit charity that is based on Transparency, Vision and Action, towards disclosing environmental impact all over the globe.

The list was disclosed today and Porto is rated As Na A List city, which means that it has been spotlighted by the CDP as a top city that is engaged in its environmental policies and is building up its urban areas towards sustainability, namely by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing its resilience to climate change.

In 2020 Porto is included in the restrict group of urban centres that are “working to become resilient, healthy and prosperous places, both to live and to work, and at the same time building on its efforts to counteract the impact of climate change”, reads a communication disclosed by news agency Lusa, this Monday.

The organisation has contacted the Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira and his statement is cited in the non-profit organisation, where the Mayor refers the city’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% until 2030. Rui Moreira also stated that the role of cities is essential when it comes to mitigate and adapt to climate change impact and to lead by example, taking on board companies, universities and citizens to achieve the global goals established in the Paris Agreement.

Rui Moreira also highlighted the municipal investments in energetic efficiency, the production of renewable energy and bioclimatic intervention in public buildings, as well as in public transports with zero carbon emissions, so that Porto is “healthier, more ecologic, more sustainable and more resilient”.