Porto is considered one of the best cities for Interrail travelers

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Miguel Nogueira

For Interrail travellers it is important to choose well the cities to visit, in order to take advantage of the diversity that the modality allows. According to Bounce, Porto is a mandatory stop for those who want to get to know Europe by train.

According to the luggage storage company, Invicta (Porto City) ranks second among the top ten cities and, with 8.22 points (out of ten), was ahead of Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, Lisbon, Valencia, Athens, Bordeaux, and Florence. Bounce's list is led by Barcelona.

The ranking takes into account factors such as hostels, security, nightlife, and restaurants. In Porto, travelers find 0.89 hostels per square kilometre, 31.39 attractions, 1.59 bars and nightclubs, and 50.60 restaurants. To these numbers are added the security index, which is 64.55 (out of 100) in the city, and the more than 39 million searches on Google.

The company states that “doing Interrail in Portugal is undoubtedly one of the best ways to discover its wonderful beaches, coastal areas, and wine regions”. “With efficient rail connections in Portugal, those who venture on an Interrail can take the train from Porto in the North to the Algarve in the South. The central station, Porto Campanhã, is modern and serves the main lines”, the company adds.

But Bounce has one more argument: "Porto benefits from its fantastic public transport network, giving tourists a quick and inexpensive way to explore the city's sights".