Porto Innovation Hub promotes online conference on distance working

Filipa Brito

The future of remote work is now! The way work is structured is changing, and nowadays, more than ever, organisations, companies and workers are adapting to this reality.

Even if an urgent heath crisis were not at hand, like coronavirus outbreak, this structure of work means the future of business and everyone, society as a whole, has to keep up!

Porto Innovation Hub is well aware on how prevalent remote work is becoming; as such, it promotes an online conference to debate this matter, on 17th March, between 1.30pm and 2.30pm, at City Café, under the theme "Remote Work: a new way of working".

Participants can connect via Porto Innovation Hub website to listen to what Gonçalo Hall, expert in Remote Work, has to say. Also, the main topics under discussion are the main challenges of remote work, the best way to manage resources, time and taks, towards a productive and effective work.

Apply HERE. Free of charge.

Gonçalo Hall, the guest speaker, created the podcast "Mouvement of Remote Work"; he also organises workshops and lectures on how to shift people and companies' mind-sets on this issue.