Porto Food Bank promotes the best way to celebrate Xmas: by sharing

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Porto Food Bank promotes the best way to celebrate Christmas by encouraging people to share their Xmas, helping provide others that are more vulnerable this festive season.

This year, the usual collection of food is not possible, owing to the sanitary context; as such, the campaign “Partilhar o Natal” [“Sharing Xmas”, free translation] is aimed at making up for that and advocates for companies and people to donate food and other items.

There are circa 360 tons of food that will not enter the Food Bank this year and that jeopardizes the delivery of Christmas Baskets to the over 60 thousand people that the Food Bank supports every month. Thus, the Food Bank appeals to the generosity and the solidarity of every citizen so that on 19th December people can donate food stuff like pastry, rice, tuna, beans, chickpeas, sausages, oil, olive oil, sugar, flour, cookies, cereals and milk.

There are plenty of places to deliver donations, namely Scouts Groups, schools, universities, faculties, companies and the Food Bank of Porto. To know the location that suits you best, please contact Porto Food Bank via the email

See all that is happening on Porto Food Bank social media: Facebook and Instagram.

Concurrently, the “Partilhar o Natal” initiative also comprises other actions, namely the “Campanha Vale” [aka “Coupon Campain”], where people can purchase a coupon in shop cashiers to donate to the Food Bank. The campaign is running till 13th December.

There is also the “Campanha Online”, at the site, where the contributor can choose which Food Bank he/she wants to donate to and what amount.

The Food Bank is also implementing the “Sempre Alerta para Servir, esta é a nossa Missão!” [“Always alert to serve, this is our Mission”, free translation] initiative, targeted at volunteers, friends and family, and all Scouts Groups.

Other actions will also be implemented in companies, such as the “Presentes de Natal” [Xmas Presents] and the “Jantar de Natal” [Xmas Dinner], where food or money can be donated to the Food Bank of Porto.