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Porto creates awareness to reach everyone among everybody regarding the pandemic measures

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The city of Porto launched a mupi campaign to raise awareness on the importance of complying with the preventive measures regarding the fight against Covid-19. 

This is the latest advertising by the Municipality of Porto, owing to the pandemic. These messages are meant to reach broader audiences and disseminate the effective message that every individual behaviour makes a difference and has great collective impact in the fight against the new coronavirus.

For the first time, the Municipality adopts the yellow background in the mupis, instead of the official blue of the Porto. brand, as it was the case with the mupi campaign held in April during the first institutional campaign on the pandemic; the objective is to also convey a visual message that the yellow means caution when it comes to thoroughly comply with preventive measures amid the pandemic.

"Kit mãos limpas" [Kit clean hands]; "Lave as mãos com frequência" [Wash your hands frequently"]; "Mãos à obra - Lave as mãos com frequência" [Put your hands to the work- wash your hands frequently]; "Cara de muitos amigos - Cuide de todos, use máscara" [Face of many friends - Look after one another]; "Está na cara - Use máscara e respeite a etiqueta respiratória" [Face it - Wear a mask and respect the respiratory etiquette]; "Eu cá, tu lá - Respeite o distanciamento físico" [Here I am, there you are - Respect social distancing]. These are the five messages under the mupi campaign that are scattered all over town.

The new icons are inspired by the brand Porto. and were developed by the Studio Eduardo Aires, the author of the brand.

In a time when we are seeing the rise of infections all over Europe and in other parts of the world, the Municipality of Porto stands tall and vigilante towards the evolution of the pandemic.

Just last week, the Mayor of Porto sent a letter to the president of the Porto Civil Protection District Commission, Marco Martins, to assess measures and try to contain the infection. Rui Moreira proposed that the Youth Hostel should be placed as a support equipment at district level, among other options. The Municipality of Porto is available to grant a monthly support of 50 thousand euros.