Porto City Hall wants to exempt economic activities from paying municipal charges until the end of 2021

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The Municipal Executive led by Rui Moreira will include in the 2021 Municipal Budget an extension of the support measures to economic operators in town till the end of 2021. The measure represents a budget impact of over 315 thousand euros.

Owing to the second Covid-19 wave, the independent majority of the Municipal Executive will put forward the proposal to extend the package of economic support measures for businesses activities in town for the coming year 2021. The meeting takes place on 30h November and while presenting the Municipal Budget Document, the goal is to also discuss the extension of the measures already in place till the end of 2020, which have been approved by the Executive last May.

The objective is to continue to apply the package of support measures during the entire year of 2021, effective till 31st December 2021. The visible impact on revenues will be huge, of over 315 thousand euros, due to the fact that these measures also apply to patios an esplanades, also approved in May. This measure allowed that the public space areas were transformed in patio cafés, and the city has seen an exponential growth in the past months of terraces and patios.

As of May, businesses activities in Porto are exempt from paying the following municipal fees: occupation of this public space with advertising strips, sunblind installation, esplanades, windows and displays, freezers and machinery, flower boxes, containers and floor mats, as well as other public space activities, namely non-profit events.

Tour operators’ permits, as well as touristic enterprises are exempt from paying municipal taxes, as well. Catering and drinking establishments, trade in goods, provision of services or storage and public transportation or service using the rental car or vehicles are exempt also.

Exemptions from fee payment and reimbursement are only applicable to establishments and economic operators whose tax affairs are in order in the Municipality of Porto.