Porto City Hall grants financial support of 280 thousand euros to public schools in the city

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Miguel Nogueira

Porto City Hall grants financial aid of 280 thousand euros to public schools in the municipality. This decision was approved unanimously during the last Executive Meeting. This amount will be used to support logistical and material costs, socio-educational support, scientific and technological literacy projects and the purchase of Individual Protection Equipment (IPE).

This proposal was put forward by the councillor of Education, Fernando Paulo, and it refers to “the development of the registered activities in the Annual Activity Plan of the Public School Groups network” in the city, based on an education policy that “reflects a forward-looking vison of education and encompasses the support to schools, the increasing project partnerships that promote synergies and the implementation of formative projects”.

“Porto City Hall promotes and supports innovative programs and projects, as regards their content and methodology, which are important to the Municipality, and aim to boost active participation by social agents”, reads the support proposal.

In the beginning of 2020, the amount of financial aid by the Municipality to the public schools in the city surpassed 185 thousand euros. Last September, this financial support was enhanced in 97 thousand euros, to help face the constraints of the beginning of the school year amid the pandemic.

This year, the total of financial aid to schools in the beginning of the year already amounted to those figures; and the cooperation inter administrative contracts between the Municipality and the schools foresee that the first slot – which equals 70% of the total amount, is transferred during February, while the rest of the financial support will be transferred in June.