Porto Business School has an urban vegetable garden and it will be delicious

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Porto Business School has an urban vegetable garden on its rooftop. This project was jointly developed with the Portuguese startup Noocity, which enable to set up a low-tech, ecological and efficient garden in the PBS rooftop. This urban vegetable garden has 70 grow beds and extends for circa 114 m2.

This new urban garden enables that the Business School of the University of Porto “builds a more ecological and sustainable future, with a significant impact”, as revealed in a news release by the institution.

PBS also states that it estimates its urban vegetable garden, which they consider “the largest urban garden in the country”, to grow circa three tons of food per year.

Students, professors and the entire staff will be able to grow their knowledge on food growth and the natural harvest of food, as well as sharing real interaction with Nature through regular workshops, webinars and other initiatives that will be promoted by the Growers Noocity, throughout the year.

During this process, Porto Business School, jointly with Noocity, wish to inspire behaviour changes as regards the social and environmental spheres in our society and way of living, thus raising awareness on the importance of being ”an agent of change”.

Porto Business School also intends to organize food baskets with fresh products from the PBS vegetable garden and hand them out to their collaborators, use that food to prepare the institution’s meals and still donate some baskets to charity institutions.