Porto and Scotland share experiences in the housing area

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The councillor for Urbanism and Public Spaces and Housing, Pedro Baganha welcomed Husam Al Waer, urban planner, professor, and member of the entity "Urban Design Group" promoting two conversations on the themes "Shaping better places together” and "Facilitating the productive 20min neighbourhoods in the EU".

The dissemination of behaviour changes must, according to Husam Al Waer, be caused by changes in context. This was only one of the many topics addressed at the conferences which were attended by almost a hundred people in each of the lectures.

In addition to disseminating know how and exchanging different experiences with professionals from the municipality, the renowned urban planner was able to learn about the housing solutions that the municipality of Porto develops to offer responses to citizens and that integrate each part of action.

Regarding the buildings and public space, the municipality’s strategy provides for refurbishment and qualification. In another dimension of the range of solutions offered, programs have been developed that promote access to housing, both in terms of affordable renting and supported renting.

Municipal Programs arouse curiosity.

Programs such as Porto com Sentido and Porto Solidário were just two of the many reasons that aroused the curiosity of the renowned urban planner and professor at the University of Dundee (Scotland).

It was at the facilities of Porto Vivo, SRU that Raquel Mais, vice-president of the municipal company, began the visit, explaining some of the ongoing projects, namely, the refurbishment of the six Ilhas da Lomba, the acquisition of houses for affordable rent, and the work to be developed in the eastern part of the city.

The sharing of ideas continued on the field, with a visit to the historic centre, the Ilhas da Lomba and to the municipal Bairro São João de Deus.

There was still time to find out more in detail about the services offered by the recently inaugurated Balcão da Habitação Acessível and for the numbers of the 20 editions of the renting tender, which are almost reaching the 192 houses available at prices, at least, 20% lower to those practiced in the market.

Meetings like this one are seen in terms of sharing knowledge and dissemination of different approaches to housing challenges, many of them on a global scale.