Porta-Jazz 11th edition is back in Porto this July and aims to deliver a wellbeing of music festivals

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Filipa Brito

The Porta-Jazz inspiring festival is back in Porto from 23 to 25 July. These will be three-full days aimed at delivering a wellbeing of music festivals to both musicians and audiences. The new meeting point is the Gardens of the Palácio de Cristal, as it was originally planned to take place at the Rivoli Theatre, last February.

The festival’s motto is “Da Janela Saem Pássaros“, [“Birds fly out of the Window”, free translation], which seems appropriate under the ongoing pandemic and it is most certainly “a reaction to the contingencies caused by the pandemic”. The festival’s agenda features 14 concerts, in different venues. In total, circa 60 musicians will perform at the festival.

The first day of the event, on 23 July, at 9.30 pm, Vessel Trio, by Hery Paz, Javier Moreno and Marcos Cavaleiro present their debut album. The next band to take the stage are the Coreto.

On 24 July, the day takes on an early start, with the Filipe Teixeira Trio taking to the stage at 4 pm, to present their new album “TAO“; the following hours belong to the creation in residency “Vazio e o Octaedro” by Josué Santos and Gianni Narduzi, and at 6.15 pm, time for Ensemble Robalo/Porta-Jazz, especially created for this Porta-Jazz edition. Nuno Campos presents the single “Tacatarinaten“, and around 9.30 pm, Miguel Rodrigues performs “Empa“.

The last day of the festival, Hugo Raro brings his work forward, featuring “Connecting the dots“. The day continues with music experiences headed by Yudit Vidal, and at 6.15 pm João Martins will be singing “Hundred Milliseconds” and then surrender the arena to Mazam that will feature “Land“. Later, in the evening, the gigs are by João Pedro Brandão, at 9.30 pm, who will present “Trama no Navio” and the concluding concert is by André Silva that will let everyone loose with “The Guit Kune Do“.

The Porta-Jazz Festival is entrance free. But limited to seating capacity, which will be defined in accordance with the recommendations by the DGS.