Acknowledge the city’s cultural scene, on 26 June, with Ping!

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The next Walk, in the scope of Ping! Incursion programme, theExodus initiative with Vera Carmo, happens on 26 June, between 4 pm and 7 pm, and invites to acknowledge local art between Boavista and downtown, in Porto. The meeting point is the Maus Hábitos, at Rua de Passos Manuel, 178, 4º.

The Exodus is aimed at appreciating the local artistic fabric, trough guided tours to galleries, exhibition spaces and artist’s studios in the city of Porto. This programme is scheduled on a monthly basis, by experts in art criticism, in the market and in contemporary art collections, as well as in curatorship and the production of exhibitions. The target audience is the general public.

There is also the Exodus for schools, targeted at secondary and higher school students and it includes three routes to acknowledge the city’s cultural scene. Each Walk is preceded by a framework that takes place in the classroom.

All Walks are taken on foot.