Pilot experiment promotes environmental education with distance workshops

A pilot experiment of environmental education distance workshops by the environment municipal services kicked off on 1st April with a group of students from a study centre in town. 

All 12 planned sessions are part of the Environmental Education of the Municipality of Port, which is being adapted to current contingent situation.

The workshops are theoretical practical oriented and participants are challenged to reuse some materials to set up a vertical garden, aromatic herbs flowerbeds or even a hotel for bugs!

Besides the artistic side to it, this initiative promotes contact with the soil and with other human beings, such an important experience these lockdown days.

The schedule includes two sessions per week, through the Zoom platform, one for the first cycle of basic education and the other for students of the 2nd and 3rd cycle of Basic Education and Secondary Education.

This first week the focus theme is to build structures that are drivers of biodiversity in Porto.

This is the first pilot experiment by the municipal environmental education programme to adapt to the measures taken to fight the new coronavirus.

The draft of a virtual programme that ensures permanent offer by environmental education workshops in the city.