Performing arts approach programme

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Paralelo is the performing arts approach programme that takes place in connection with the Municipal Theatre Programming of Porto in the scope of its main mission, which is public mediation.

Since reopening in September 2014, the Teatro Municipal do Porto, through its two poles, the Rivoli and Campo Alegre theatres, puts forward an eclectic and multidisciplinary programme taking on a contemporary approach open to different types of public.

The Department of Culture of Porto City Hall strategy is based in an open and conversational culture policy, mobilizing people from different areas. It embraces the concept of "culture everywhere and to everyone".

The coming season of the Municipal Theatre will be officially presented on January 11, 2017, congregating the local and national cultural agenda with international highlights. The agenda combines dance, performance, theatre, puppets, new circus, music, cinema, literature, exhibitions, meetings and workshops.

The Paralelo Programme - the Performing Arts Approach Program, aims at promoting the public engagement towards Porto Municipal Theatre through a wide range of actions from performances to workshops, meetings to ongoing projects, guided tours and special services.