Pedestrian Orienteering Race gathers European Athletes in Porto

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Pedro Figueiredo

As 22 September draws closer, when the 6th Edition of the Porto City Race, under the European City Race Tour, information becomes more detailed.

The event, a pedestrian orienteering race, is expected to feature athletes from 20 countries, including Brazil, Russia, Norway, United States of America, New Zealand or Israel.

This competition is also meant for beginners with no experience in this type of sport, ranging all ages and able to explore the town in a sportingly manner.

The European circuit encompasses a set of orienting events in historic cities, thus allowing participants to combine practicing a sports activity and discovering landmark urban scenarios.

After Paris, Antwerp, Treviso and Bristol, it is up to Porto to welcome the 5th stage of the season, which concludes in November with competitions in Barcelona and Bilbao.

 At a national level, Porto is the 11th city to host a Portugal City Race competition circuit. 

As in previous years, the Pedestrian Orienteering Race will follow unexpected paths. The debut is set for 22 September with the traditional nocturnal competition in the City Park. Saturday, 23 September, the round is through the neighbourhoods of Pasteleira Sul, Condominhas and Arrábida. Finally, Sunday, 24 September, the competition extends to the historical centre of Vila Nova de Gaia.

This event is not solely meant for experienced athletes. Each of the three stages include paths to beginners of all ages.

Porto City Race is organised by the Grupo Desportivo dos Quatro Caminhos, in partnership with Municipal Company PortoLazer. 

Last edition, over a thousand participants attended the event from 16 different nationalities.



- Friday, 22 September | 8.30 pm | City park: Porto City Race by night

- Saturday, 23 September | 10 am | Condominhas/Lordelo do Ouro: Sprint

- Sunday, 24 September | 10 am | V.N de Gaia: City Race Euro Tour