Pedestrian walkway in Rua Formosa, next Bolhão, is temporarily halted as of 25th January

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Filipa Brito

Next Monday, 25th January, the pedestrian walkway, in Rua Formosa, will be temporarily suspended to remove the metallic passageway that is placed alongside building’s facade. This endeavour will take three days to complete.

These works will better pedestrian access conditions, in that area, where the work at the Bolhão Market ancient building are ongoing.

As such, between 25th and 27th January, it won’t be possible to cross Rua Formosa on foot, in the rea that links to the Bolhão quarter; so, any pedestrians coming from Rua de Santa Catarina or Rua de Sá da Bandeira should circumvent the market to access another street.

Furthermore, these works also include the sidewalk pavement. Access to business premises are guaranteed, although subject to work stipulation, manged by the municipal company GO Porto – Gestão e Obras do Porto.