Parque de Serralves is open to the public, every day between 10 am and 7 pm

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As of 15th March, Serralves Park is open to the public, between 10 am and 7 pm. The Park had closed in January, owing to the latest general confinement issued by the Government. These stressful times that ask us to balance work - either remote or in-person - and family, while trying to stay connected to relatives and friends, and whilst respecting physical distancing and confinement measures are not a walk in the park. Or might they be? Yes, Serralves Park opened to the public, on 15th March.

Porto is well equipped when it comes to green spaces: parks and woodlands that provide a multitude of benefits to human urban populations, by improving physical fitness and reducing depression. This is one of such places. Enter Parque de Serralves and de-stress with the spring palette that the space has to offer, plus the iconic sculptures and statues, or go up in the skies (sort of) with the Tree Top Walk.

The Serralves Foundation Gardens ranked amongst the best gardens in the world, last year, and display the best landscape setting up of the twentieth century. The gardens also offer a walk to an agricultural field and a woodland; and then, there is the Treetop Walk, in Serralves, which has been nominated for ArchDaily Building of the Year 2021, in two categories: Public & Landscape Architecture and Small Scale & Installations. The footbridge features a 260m extension course and surrounds one of the Serralves Park woods, revealing nature's different views, colours and various shades, offering a stunning viewing the biodiversity in the Park.

Take time to appreciateLouise Bourgeois’ artwork, themed ‘To Unravel a Torment’, and on display throughout the Park. Her oeuvre has been displayed in several museums all around the world, with exhibits that deal with sensitive topics from her childhood, such as family, sexuality, the body, the mind, death and the unconscious, which she has healed and sort of exorcized through her art practice.

Stroll through the park you may, visit the following you may not: the Casa de Serralves, the Serralves Museum, the Library and the Casa do Cinema Manoel de Oliveira remain temporarily closed.

The Parque de Serralves is open every day between 10 am and 7 pm. Tickets cost 10 euros.