Outdoor time to boost stamina amid the pandemic on weekend mornings

The sports municipal programmes, organised by Ágora, are approved by the health authorities, and the weekend programmes still offer free sessions. Boost your stamina and wellbeing to better cope with the pandemic context.

On 21st November, the Days with Energy (Dias com Energia) programme offers Pilates, Yoga, and Tai chi, in four areas in town.

On 22nd November there is the Sundays in Shape (Domingos em Forma) programme features a walk through the Oriental Park.

Participation is mandatory via the email

Access is free, as usual, but due to the pandemic, the number of participants is limited and physical distancing must be observed. For both programmes, one only needs to wear comfortable clothes.

The "Days with Energy" and the Sundays in Shape Municipal Programmes are aimed at promoting physical activity and raising awareness on the importance of staying active and living a healthy lifestyle.

The Municipal Programme “Domingos em Forma” - Sundays in Shape - returned to its usual organisation, with a warm-up session at Pavilion of Lagarteiro and a walk through the route at the Parque Oriental da Cidade do Porto, between 10am and 11 am.

Due to the health measures in place, activities have a limited number of participants, which is 20 divided in two groups of tem participants.

Those interested in participating should send an email stating name, age and which Sunday they intend to participate to and await for confirmation.

Participation is not advisable to pregnant ladies, people over 60 years old and people with underlying health conditions.