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Outdoor sports equipment also closed due to the pandemic restriction measures

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Skate Park

Miguel Nogueira

As the pandemic infection rates accelerate, municipal outdoor sports equipment are also closed and access is restricted; namely, Ramalde Skate Park and the athletics track of the Ramalde Sports Park/Inatel.

In the framework of the more restrictive measures issued by the Government (Decree-Law 2-B/2021 of 19th January), to help prevent the outbreak of Covid-19 new infections, also outdoor sports equipment in Porto, managed by Ágora – Culture and Sports closed doors, starting on 20th January, except the athletics track for high performance athletes of the National Team.

Moreover, gardens and parks are now only transit places, with forbidden stay. This adds to the previous restrictions measures applied in playgrounds, cemeteries and public furniture; as well as the suspension of all activities by the TMP, the Porto Municipal Gallery, pools, gyms, pavilions, and the municipal programmes “Days with Energy” (Dias com Energia)and “Sundays in Shape” (Domingos em Forma).

The only exceptions are professional training activities or similar with no audience and in compliance with all health measures in place.