Nothing compares to this perfect summer weekend escape with Ágora

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João Queirós

Picture this: breeze drifting on by, blue skies and a warm day that will help you welcome the Municipal free outdoor physical and wellness activities that will boost stamina and resilience (don’t we all need it?!). How less stressful do you feel already?

There are several activities to suit your liking and choice, such as Pilates, Yoga, tai chi, De Rose Method and Walks in Porto’s lovely green spaces. Apply until Friday to you chosen activity.

This weekend, on 17 and 18 July, there will be another round of open air activities, under the “Dias com Energia” (“Days with Energy”, free translation) and the “Domingos em Forma” (“Sundays in Shape”, free translation), promoted by Ágora all year long. The outlining goal is to raise people’s awareness on in the importance of leading an active lifestyle and practising some type of physical activity.

Participants of all ages are welcome to join. Applications are done via email to (stating name of participants and programme, venue and chosen session) until 5.30 p, on Friday.

These are the timetables and the proposals for this weekend:


Saturday, 17 July

- Gardens of the Palácio de Cristal (lower level of the Gruta de Camões and the Fonte de São Jerónimo)

9 am: Pilates

10 am: Yoga

11 am: Tai chi

- Pasteleira Park

9.30 am: Yoga

11 am: Tai chi

- Parque Oriental da Cidade

9.30 am: Yoga

9.30 am: Pilates

11 am: yoga

11 am: Pilates

Sunday, 18 July

- Parque da Cidade (next to the Water Pavilion)

9.30 am: Tai chi

11 am: de Rose Method


18 July

- Parque Oriental da Cidade (meeting point: Lagarteiro Pavilion)

10 am: Warm up and Walk

(There is free transport from the train station of Campanhã to the site; departures at 9.20 minutes and at 9.40 minutes).