NOS Primavera Sound Day One full of animating spirit

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Probably the best summer festival in the country, Nos Primavera Sound started up today.

The first chords of Samuel Úria music inaugurated the festival in Porto.

Tens of thousands of people of different nationalities gathered at Parque da Cidade to celebrate music.

As is now tradition, Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, has visited the festival enclosure this afternoon. 

"This is a city brand. It is something that attracts people from Porto and from abroad. The festival features all types of music bands for all tastes. The enclosure offers unique conditions, so this is something we will continue to invest in", Rui Moreira affirmed.

"The park received an environmental certificate last year, and the festival was granted one also. Last year we started with reusable cups, this year we are implementing other measures, namely installation of compost toilets, connected with spillage and waste water storing, handheld ashtrays to avoid cigarette butts scattered all around the festival premises", the Mayor added.

"For the first time we have a sold out edition", stated José Barreiro, Director of Nos Primavera Sound Festival.