NOS Primavera Sound, a Happy people festival

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This is the last day of the NOS Primavera Sound Festival, 2017 edition and yes, we all knew this is a happy people festival.

The largest urban green space in Porto, within sea view, makes you want to stay and mingle with different people listening to different types of music.

NOS Primavera Sound is a live mosaic of music and diversity of people. Portuguese people account for 40% of festival-goers, but this eco-friendly festival is a global festival, from Porto to the world.

More than 63 nationalities were represented in the 3-day event in the city of Porto. Festival-goers come from all around the globe, from the UK, Spain, Germany, but also from France and the USA, or even from Laos, Afghanistan, Israel, and North Korea!

A festival of nations, packed with happy people that want to come back!