Night trip with our little friends the bats, in Porto’s green spaces. Apply here

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Between the months of July and October, from Friday to Saturday, those interested in getting to know the lives and habits of these mammals, which are actually more manoeuvrable than birds, as they fly with their very long spread-out digits covered with a thin membrane. The first session happens on 9 July at dusk time, at the Viveiro Municipal do Porto (Porto Municipal Seedbed). There are other scheduled sessions, though. This will be an experience for the books. Entrance is free but application is mandatory.

Next sessions:

- 17 July, at the Parque da Pasteleira | applications open on 7 July, at 9 pm;

- 24 July, at the Quinta do Covelo | applications open on 14 July, at 9 pm;

Activities are free. Get to know more about these activities and apply in advance. See HERE.