New line to support the resumption of sports and physical activity in clubs and associations in Porto

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João Queirós

There is a new support line in Porto, called “Retoma Desporto”, to provide 70 thousand euros to clubs and associations in the Invicta. This measure is proposed to minimise the impact of the pandemic restrictive measures; thus, it will help institutions buy sports material and medical equipment, during the phased easing of restrictions. Applications run until 21st April.

Starting today, 6th April, a new support line is available in Porto to support clubs and associations during the phased easing of restrictive measures. The line is set up by Ágora – Cultura e Desporto do Porto municipal company and it will provide 70 thousand euros to the purchase of sports and medical equipment through a fast and effective application process.

This extraordinary support is an add-on to the other support measures already in place by the Municipality of Porto, namely the “Linha de Apoio de Emergência às Associações do Porto - Covid-19”, the “Fundo Municipal de Apoio ao Associativismo Portuense”, the fee exemption to all clubs and associations that make use of the municipal infrastructure and other facilities managed by Ágora (this measure will be in place until the end of July) or even the full payment of all values regarding athletes enrolment in training programmes.

“Given the profound impact this pandemic caused in sports and in the city’ sports fabric, we think this is the way forward during this phased easing of the restrictions, as sports clubs and associations are facing severe financial difficulties and have no means to respond to all their needs”, explains Catarina Araújo, councillor for Youth and Sports of Porto City Hall.

The support line “Retoma Desporto” is targeted at supporting the purchase of all types of sports material and medical equipment, which are a prerequisite to all sports activity.

“Most importantly, we want that access to this support line is as fast and efficient as possible, so that the financial stimulus is readily available”, adds Catarina Araújo.

The deadline for submission is 21st April and there will be session information queries to clarify doubts. Grant decision is made public on 5th May, at Ágora’s website.

The support line body of rules is as follow (it is set in a Regulation):


Calls for candidates: 6th April

Deadline for application submission: until 11.59 of 21st April

Grants final decision: 5th May

Applications must be submitted via the Application Form, through one of the following ways:

Delivery at Ágora headquarters, on working days, between 8.30 am and 5.30 pm, upon prior appointment for the phone number: 226 199 860

Send an email to

Eligible entities

All legal persons governed by private law, legally established as a non-profit association, whose main statutory objective is the promotion of federate sporting activities, which feature acting governing bodies, headquartered in the Municipality of Porto, with social security and tax obligations settled. Federated clubs and associations with up to two sporting categories are eligible to receive 750 euros, and clubs and associations with three or more federated sporting activities are eligible to receive 1.000 euros.