Newly graduates: Natixis wants your brain!

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Filipa Brito

Natixis 'wants your brain'! The company inaugurated its Technological and Information Skills Centre in Porto in 2017 and is to increase its services portfolio in the areas of Technology, Finance and Law until the end of 2021, by recruiting 400 new collaborators.

In a news statement to the Negócios newspaper, Natixis Portugal Director General justifies that the strengthening of the team means “the success of the project, and most of all, of the people”. Etienne Huret also adds that “this is a difficult formula to match and it has transformed Natixis Portugal in a case study at global level”.

What the French bank is looking for are different levels of professional experience in such areas as banking and finances, technology, management, economy and Law, that is, “backgrounds, experiences and diversified profiles, which can benefit our activity from Portugal to the world”.

In the beginning, the excellence centre was focused on Information technology, but now it has diversified operations. For instance, in January this year, the support functions started to be issued from Porto.

As a way of attracting junior profiles, Natixis launched the campaign “We want your brain”, which the Director General of the bank in Portugal considers to be a “more disruptive campaign that calls the attention to newly graduates that wish to join our dynamic learning and growth experience".

Applicants must be eligible for professional internship programmes by the Employment and Professional Training Institute.