Municipal leadership is female

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There are increasingly more women working at Porto City Hall and the numbers prove it: out of the current 4432 male and female workers, 2421 of them are women, which corresponds to 54.6% of its universe.

The data is from February 2023, and it also indicates that the number of female workers in the municipality has been on the rise. In 2022, in the same time span, 52.5% of workers were men and 47.5% were women.

In the context of the celebrations for International Women’s Day, which is today, March 8th, Catarina Araújo, Councillor for Human Resources, highlights the work that has been done internally.

“We have invested, more and more, in a policy that promotes equality. A reflection of this effort is the certification for the Professional, Family and Personal Life Reconciliation System, attained in 2020 and guaranteed to be maintained with annual follow-up audits, the last of which took place in November 2022”.

The majority of municipal leadership is also female. There are currently 75 women leaders in the municipality, which corresponds to 63.6% of the occupied management positions. “This reality is a mirror to the high qualifications of our female workers. More than 70% of those with a doctorate and 65% of those with a master’s degree are women”, Catarina Araújo points out.

For the head of Human Resources, “the scenario is positive”, as “we have, over the years, managed to attract more and more women to work with us”.

As in previous years, this day was marked with a symbolic gift of a flower to all female employees of the Municipality.