Municipal Executive is to vote for the agreement on the free administration of the flu vaccine in pharmacies to citizens from age 65

Miguel Nogueira

This coming Monday, 26th October, the Municipal Executive will vote the agreement on the free administration of the flu vaccine, under a cooperation protocol between Porto City Hall, the Northern Regional Health Administration (ARS), the National Association of Pharmacies (ANF) and the Association Dignitude, to provide free flu vaccines in pharmacies to people from age 65. 

The proposal is advanced by councillor for Housing and Social Cohesion, Fernando Paulo, and the main goal is to support the vaccination programme against seasonal flu to citizens enrolled in Health Centres of west and east Porto, the city's parishes and aged 65 or over.

This intent had already been taken by the Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, as a means to alleviate the pressure on health centres, by avoiding unnecessary travels in a time when the pandemic is worsening.

Making the vaccine available in pharmacies ensures, as well, greater proximity and comfort to people.

The ARS Norte, via each of the health centres, will provide the flu vaccines and monitor each vaccine administration; The ANF will guarantee that the adherent pharmacies have all the technical conditions in place for the safe administration of the flu shot, Porto City Hall and the Association Dignitude, a private social solidarity institution, will make sure payment is done in a complementarity regime.

The municipal investment covers 90% of the adherent pharmacy services payment up to the value of 2.25 euros per flu vaccine, up to a maximum value of 19.912,50 euros, which corresponds to the threshold of 8.850 vaccines.