Mobile waste container for hazardous waste is on the street

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The Municipality of Porto and Lipor will start to collect hazardous urban waste that was not allowed into waste bins thus far, namely dye waste and solvents, CD’s and DVD’s, and cork stoppers. The new mobile waste container is placed in the recycling yards of Antas and Prelada. In line with the sustainability policies of the Municipality of the city, Porto Ambiente will be able to guarantee the handling of such hazardous waste in the Invicta.

This mobile bin disposal, purchased under the POSEUR programme, provides the recycling of other materials such as normal and tube light bulbs, ink cartridges/toners, batteries and portable batteries, as well as the so called Electronic and Electric waste (REEE) such as flat iron, electric knifes, electric razors, scales, hair cut devices and other body care devices, and also watches, calculators, smoke detectors, thermostat, small size electric tools, radio and video cameras.

“The significance of the project is that the mobile bin will be situated in a specific area for a specific time period, enabling the equipment to be relocated to several different areas and thus serving more people”, states Lipor, adding that “the goal is to collect hazardous domestic waste and other recoverable materials”.

The container is equipped with a ColorAdd system that enables colour identification for the colour blind, as well as the proper signposting for garbage disposal.

It is worth mentioning that in 2020, Lipor received over 60 thousand tons of recycling material, of which 40 thousand tons of bio waste selectively collected. Also, it showed a decrease in the global waste production.

The installation of circa 500 proximity containers for organic waste collection is scheduled to take place soon. Moreover, there was a 50% increase of recycling rates between 2016 and 2019, which is telling of the Municipality of Porto’s strategy to achieve environmental sustainability.