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Metro shuts down automatic ticket machines and ticket validation is not mandatory

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All automatic ticket machines will be deactivated and ticket validation will not be required by Metro of Porto, starting Wednesday, 18th March. This initiative follows the one previously taken by the Bus Company, the STCP in Porto, in the scope of the measures taken to fight the Covid-19 outbreak.

Both operators are engaging the deep disinfection of their vehicles, under the fight of CoVid-19.

These measures are in force until further assessment of the situation. These steps are in line with the directives issued by the government, health authorities and Porto City Hall.

Already on 14th March, bus access and rides were following different rules, namely entry and exit by the vehicles rear door, to minimize contact between passengers and drivers.

Metro of Porto announced that sanitation and hygiene measures will be strengthened on account of the new coronavirus, namely the disinfection of vehicles with a product that kills the new coronavirus and whose action is lasting.

The STCP has announced the regular disinfection of vehicles and the limitation in public attendance in the Lojas Andante, such as the reduced operating hours and one customer at a time in the store.