Metro do Porto and STCP (Bus) do not provide strengthening of operations in the eve of St John

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The Metro do Porto will operate until 1 am on the eve of St John, from 23 to 24 June. This measure is taken to meet the constraints under the Covid-19 pandemic; as such, the company announced that the operations will be the same as any given Sunday.

Unlike previous years, there will not be a strengthening of metro operations the entire evening of the eve of St John. The following day, on 24 June, the offer is similar, as announced by the Metro do Porto in a news release. Friday, the Metro do Porto resumes its regular operations.

“The operation of Metro do Porto during St John 2021 is done in a reduced manner, as a consequence of the constraints imposed by the fight against the ongoing pandemic. Although the normal operations still continue [between 6 am and 1 am], this year, there won’t be a strengthening of the offer nor an extension of its operations”. The company furthered that “it focuses on the security of its clients and on São João 2021 it works in close collaboration with the PSP”, which already prepared a preventive action plan with the Municipal Police.

The STCP (Bus) company announced that, on the eve of St John, it will ensure that “only the necessary offer will be available for night commuters to return home, at night and dawn”. “As there are no celebrations in public spaces and the usual meeting points of people in Downtown Porto or at the river bank of Vila Nova de Gaia, STCP will follow all the guidelines by the PSP", the company stated in a news release.

On 24 June, the summer timetable enters into force, “therefore concluding the first stage of the current reinforcements of operations on working days, which have been implemented in several lines by the operator, based on the service hired to other operators under the environmental Fund”.