Meet with more than 80 publishers at Porto Book Fair 2020

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Filipa Brito / João Queirós

Porto Book Fair is back to the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal, from 28th August to 13th September.

The Fair registered 68 applications of interest, which means that over 80 publishing entities, namely publishers, booksellers, distributors and used bookstores will participate in the fair, totalling 120 stands.

The application period is concluded, therefore the number of participants to Porto Book Fair 2020 edition has already been assessed.

The venue will comply with all the preventive control measures under the ongoing pandemic scenario.

The Municipality of Porto unveils a bit of what is to be expected of maybe the more relevant book event in the Invicta.

The motto is "Alegria para o fim do mundo" ["Joy to the End of the World", free translation], transliterated from the work by Andreia C. Faria, and the programming will focus mainly on the valorisation of the Portuguese language and poets, writers and artists, especially those working in Porto or who are based in the city of Porto.

Porto Book Fair will also be an opportunity to examine what we have learned from this pandemic in the past months.

Another highlight of Porto Book Fair agenda is the enhancement of writings authored by women.

A vast team of the Municipal Company Ágora will help organize and develop the Book Fair's programme, jointly with invited curators Anabela Mota Ribeiro and José Eduardo Agualusa.

Also relevant is the participation of Maus Hábitos, which has designed a programme themed "Concertos de Bolso" ["Pocket Concerts", free translation]. This is one of the novelties of this year's edition, where sound will play an important role.

"Pocket Concerts" draft the picture of the city's musical scene, while supporting bands and musicians of different music genres and generations, who are vulnerable during this forced lockdown amid the Covid-19 pandemic, with cancelled shows and tours.

Porto Book Fair ensures that all the mandatory preventive rules regarding the novel coronavirus prevention are in place, namely sanitation and social distancing measures.

So, feel free to enjoy the educational and recreational moments that Porto Book Fair offers amid one of the most beautiful gardens in the city of Porto.

The full programme of Porto Book Fair 2020 will soon be disclosed by the Municipality of Porto.