Meet Santa Claus at the Hard Club, on 29th November, at 11am

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The Cultura em Expansão will take Santa Claus to the Hard Club, on 29th November, at 11am. The performance “Olá, eu sou o Pai Natal” [“Hi, I’m Santa Claus”, free translation] will be delivered by Tiago Barbosa, who gives the traditional tale a twist. Barbosa will play around the modern character of Santa Claus, based on the historical Saint Nicholas, raising awareness on global issues such as gifts and the consumer society.

The show is limited in capacity, and previous collection of the ticket is mandatory (maximum two per person), at the Hard Club, starting at 9am on Sunday. The play is recommended for age 12 and older.

The municipal programme “Cultura em Expansão” will continue throughout the month of December with concerts by Marco Franco and Clã, at the Hard Club. Passos Manuel, in turn, hosts the show “As Cortes do Porto”, by Rui Catalão, the concert by the band Três Tristes Tigres, and the “Atlas de Instrumentos Utópicos”, by the Grupo Operário do Ruído.

This year’s closing show features the band Blind Zero and the Orquestra Juvenil da Bonjóia, at Porto Municipal Theatre - Rivoli, on 18th December.

Consult the full programming at Cultura em Expansão official page, both on Facebook and on Instagram.