Meet the queen of winter flowers, the camellia

  • Dulce Pereira Abrantes

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Filipa Brito

Winter is harsh and temperatures are dropping, which makes it even more appealing to set the tone for an early spring, and what other than the perfect queen of winter flowers, the camellia to add some warm to the season? Take your tips from Porto Municipal Environment team.

This polished and refined flower, coming from Southeast Asia, namely from countries stretching from China to Japan, was cultivated in the gardens of China and Japan for centuries before they were seen in Europe. The camellia is the flower of Porto; it was brought from England in the beginning of the nineteenth century. It is time for camellia full bloom in Porto and this will bring a scent of a new beginning as the city is filled with new colours.

Take your cues from the team of the Environmental Department of Porto City Hall on how to plant and care for camellias at home; plant growing is not hard but is requires some basic steps that must be followed so that camellias can full bloom and add joy to every environment, either an indoor or an outdoor garden.

The Environmental Team of Porto City Hall also offers more tips on what criteria to follow when it comes to flower growth and care, namely space, temperature, and colours. There are other plants and flowers to choose from, such as the rosemary and the calendula.

Besides being an initiative that brings recreational and conservation benefits, it also raises awareness on the enjoyment of the urban ecosystem, all the while helping protect it.