Make the most of “Nets of Hyphae”, as it inaugurated today at Porto Municipal Gallery

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Porto Municipal Gallery inaugurated the exhibit “Nets of Hyphae”. The display is authored by Diana Policarpo and curated by Stefanie Hessler, director of the Kunsthall Trondheim. Mayor Rui Moreira visited the exhibition today, accompanied by Diana Policarpo and by Guilherme Blanc, the contemporary art and cinema director of Ágora’s municipal company.

On show at the Municipal Gallery’s mezzanine, the exhibition resumes Policarpo’s research on fungi networks, and draws parallels with ergotism, the secular knowledge suppression and justice in health. Diana Policarpo exhibit address the role of fungi in health, namely when used to induce abortion; also, up to present, historians speculate if ergotism has had a crucial role in the witchcraft accusations during the Salém crisis, in 1692, as well as in the Sámi Shamans and the Finnmark trials, in 1621, as well as in other occasions.

This is the starting point of the artist to “Nets of Hyphae”, which features video, animation, textile and sound ambiance. The show is on display until 14th February.

Entrance to the exhibitions at Porto Municipal Gallery is free, but subject to the maximum capacity of 30 people, in addition to the health preventive measures in place.

The opening was due to happen on 5th December; however, owing to the current preventive measures to fight the pandemic, there will be an early opening, to comply with the mandatory curfew on the next weekend afternoons, starting at 1pm.