Like we said: "We don't just talk in Porto, we dig holes and plant trees!"

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In line with the FUTURO project, targeted at planting more than 100 thousand trees in Porto Metropolitan Area (AMP) by 2021, another 158 trees and bushes were planted this morning near the A43 highway, in the parish of Campanhã, thus expanding the urban forest network in the city of Porto. 

This project kicked off in 2011 with the purpose of improving the livability of our cities for a number of reasons.

The tree canopy in our urban areas has been decreasing, as large mature trees which reach the end of their lives are often replaced with smaller species, and this is the upside of the situation, when trees are actually replaced by other trees.

These replanted trees need taking care as they absorb carbon dioxide, produce oxygen and provide a colourful urban landscape. And if that did not suffice, trees boost mental wellbeing and clean the air we breathe.

Seventeen municipalities of AMP are now engaged in this FUTURO project and contribute to the reforestation and environmental sustainability.

Also, the FUN Porto project is ongoing, regarding the Native Urban Forests in Porto. This project was initiated in 2015, and Porto City Hall promotes the expansion of these trees in the city to establish a robust green infrastructure in the Invicta.

Hence the Biospots Porto Network, consisting of the plantation of native forest trees and shrubs. The target is to plant 10 thousand trees till 2021. As of October, more than 1300 thousand trees have already been planted.

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

- Chinese proverb