King of Spain congratulates Rui Moreira for the transformation of Porto. Mayor handed the King the keys to the city

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"Porto was invictus in the past, and it is victorious in the future", said the King of Spain when concluding his first speech in Portugal, during the State Visit today in Porto.

The monarchs were received by the President of the Republic in Avenida dos Aliados and afterwards by the Mayor Rui Moreira at the Town Hall. King and Queen participated in a solemn municipal session at Porto City Hall.

Upon arrival, State Visit ceremonies included the playing of the national anthems of the two nations, a review of the honor guards and rendering of full military honors, including a 21-gun salute for the heads of state. 

The leaders then proceed to enter the City Hall. The King of Spain, Felipe VI signed the Official Guest Book.

Both the Mayor and the king of Spain addressed  the audience of distinguished guests. Rui Moreira began by thanking the honour granted to the city of porto by saying "It is a great honor for the city of Porto to receive today the Portuguese and Spanish Heads of State in the City Hall, at the beginning of the State Visit to Portugal of Their Majesties, the Kings of Spain".

"I would like to thank the President of the Portuguese Republic once again for his commitment, since the first day of his presidency, to embrace the whole country with a close, inclusive and attentive attitude to idiosyncrasies often not easy to manage. Thank you, Your Excellency, for initiating this State Visit to our city, praising the city of Porto and the northern region of Portugal. Thank you very much."

The Mayor handed the keys to the city of Porto to H.E Felipe VI, in honour of His visit and stated that: "If it is a family relationship that we speak of we should fearlessly assume our common values and heritage and work hard in their defense and the best way to do so is to hand over the keys of the city." 

Felipe VI, who was accompanied by Queen Letizia, thanked the hospitality and stressed the cosmopolitan character of the city of Porto, expressing "gratitude and admiration for the amazing transformation that the city has experienced in recent years."

The visit continues today in Porto and Guimarães. The Kings will return to Invicta tomorrow and will attend lunch at the Palácio da Bolsa at the Mayor's invitation.

Afterwards, the Kings of Spain will be received in Lisbon to attend a solemn session in Lisbon City Hall, followed by a dinner hosted by the Prime Minister at the Palácio das Necessidades.

On November 30, the Kings of Spain will be received in São Bento by the Prime Minister, followed by the Assembly of the Republic to attend a solemn session in Their honor. The program also includes a reception to the Spanish community at the Spanish Embassy in Lisbon and a visit to the Champalimaud Foundation.