Japanese street stall is restored and returned to the Mompilher square

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The iconic and centenarian street stall at Mompilher square is again part of the urban landscape, after having been degraded and dismantled some years ago.

The structure was heavily damaged following a fire in 2014. It is classified as a Public Interest Building and it is the only private street stall in the city of Porto.

The new owners have refurbished the building, under the supervision of the Cultural Heritage Municipal Services.

The stand is known as the Japanese Kiosk due to its eastern hedge format. Painted in red and white, the renovated structure is being reinstalled and is due to start operating by the end of the week.

Within a month, it should fully return to "business as usual", under the context of Street Stall Regulation of Porto Municipality. The stall will also be able to sell beverages and prewrapped food.

The settling of the Japanese kiosk dates back to the 1930s of the last century. In those days, street stalls were more than just places around the corner where people would buy newspapers and tobacco; rather, they were meeting points for the community, be it artists, writers and even aristocrats, sharing the streets as a space for cultural and social "tertulias".

The renaming of the street stand owes its name to the Portuguese cultural affinity with the University of Montpellier, in France.

The revitalization and return of this historic and heritage street stand at the Mompilher square will allow for its enjoyment at the local and tourist levels.