International tender launched for the co-direction of Teatro Municipal do Porto

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José Caldeira

This Tuesday, the 12th , was launched the international public tender for the co-direction of Ágora’s Department of Performing Arts – Culture and Sports in Porto, E.M.. Applications are open until August 31.

As announced in June, during the press conference on the 22/23 season of Teatro Municipal do Porto (TMP), Ágora’s Department of Performing Arts will now have a co-direction model, to succeed Tiago Guedes who left the direction of Teatro Municipal do Porto to lead Maison de la Danse and Biennale de Lyon, in France. The already revealed name of Cristina Planas Leitão, who took over the performing arts programming of DDD - Festival Dias da Dança, will be joined by the name of another person to be selected through this international public tender.

The Department of Performing Arts is one of the main centers of intervention of the municipal company Ágora, in the cultural domain, integrating Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli and Campo Alegre, the DDD – Festival de Dança and the CAMPUS Paulo Cunha e Silva.

The beginning of functions is scheduled for January 2023.

All the information regarding the job description, application profile, contractual conditions and selection process are available here.