Inclusion and talent guide the reinforcement of Zühlke's investment in Porto

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Porto was chosen by Zühlke in 2021 to open a Global Engineering Centre and the talent it found at Invicta (Porto City) led the Swiss technology consultant to now reinforce its investment in the city by another four million euros. This week, the Councillor for the Economy, Employment and Entrepreneurship was present at the inauguration of the new office, a bet on greater inclusion of all employees and a response to the need to hire three dozen more people by the end of the year.

For Ricardo Valente, "the significant investment in an office, the increase in the number of people assigned to the activity of this software development centre in the city, are the recognition by Zühlke that Porto is today a centre of relevant economy, capable of attracting international talent and retaining the excellent human capital trained in the Academy of the region".

The general director of Zühlke in Portugal assumes that "the diversity and quality of talent in Porto was one of the reasons that led the group to choose the city to open the Engineering Centre two years ago".

This new space, says Mariana Figueiredo Salvaterra, opens "the opportunity to welcome more and more technology specialists, promote more equitable access to opportunities in the area and create the best conditions for us to continue to develop quality solutions and products for customers around the world".

The new Zühlke office, with about one thousand square meters and a capacity of more than a hundred people, “was designed to foster the work models of the future, based on agility, interaction and adaptability, also creating more access conditions for all technology specialists”.

As a provider of global innovation services, the Zühlke group creates new ideas and business models for clients in sectors such as banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, industry, telecommunications, and construction.

To reinforce the team in Porto, the consultant is looking for software engineers, focusing on .net, java or web, as well as other technological and non-technological profiles.