If you have a garden or a yard, Porto City Hall has a tree or a bush for you!

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Filipa Brito

Spring is here and what better time of year to enter the initiative “If you have a garden, we have a tree for you" programme, sponsored by Porto City Hall? Applications open on 26th March and run till 30th April. Prepare your spades!

The main goal of this initiative is to encourage and boost the planting of trees and bushes in the city, by citizens, companies and institutions, in their own gardens and patios. This 4th edition includes the free distribution of 2.900 plants and bushes of nine different species, including birch-trees, cypress, butcher’s broom, jasmine tree, wild apple tree, arbutus, hawthorn and yew, just to mention a few.

And so that yours is the best choice possible as regarding the tree species to plant in your own garden or patio, check all the relevant information here. To be eligible to receive a tree or a bush one must reside in Porto or be a part of an institution with private gardens and yards within the city of Porto.

The programme "Se tem um jardim, temos uma árvore para si" [“If you have a garden, we have a tree for you”, free translation] is part of the FUN project: Native and Urban Forests in Porto, which was established in 2016.

This initiative is part of Porto’s municipal strategy to mitigate and adapt to climate change, in line with the Environment and Climate Change Adaptation, in the framework of the FUTURO project, whose fundamental goal is the planting of 100 thousand trees in the Porto Metropolitan Area until 2020.

This is also an opportunity for citizens to get involved in the environmental policies regarding Porto and help to improve both their life quality and urban landscape.

Gardens and yards in Porto represent 7.8% of the total area of the district, so they are fundamental to increasing both the quality and the quantity of green areas in the city and to promoting biodiversity, as well. These past three editions led to over one thousand private gardens and yards receiving trees and bushes for planting.

This is the 4th edition of the Municipal Programme "If you have a garden, we have a tree for you", by Porto City Hall and its fundamental goal is to support tree planting and make the city become even greener, thus helping build a sustainable future.

Over 3.800 trees have been gifted since the first edition of this municipal programme.