“I could write a song” and “OraculÁreas” are the next activities of Cultura em Expansão

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The play “I could write a song”, by Nuno Lucas, and the project “OraculÁreas”, by Ana Rocha, will be presented on October 22nd and 23rd, at the Auditorium of the Musical Group of Miragaia and at the Pavilion of Escola EB 2/3 Irene Lisboa.

“We don’t talk about anything but ourselves”. It is this phrase by French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan that is at the origin of the monologue by choreographer and performer Nuno Lucas, who arrives in Miragaia this Saturday, with interpretation by Cláudio da Silva. Summoning characters that haunted and haunt him, and bringing them to the present, the author transposes experiences in a semantic field of words, creating a rhythm that could be a song. Based on simple, sometimes anecdotal situations leading the audience to their own stories, "I could write a song" is a call to the viewer’s inner self, to create bonds of intimacy and proximity to something that is unknown to them.

In turn, the “OraculÁreas” project, created by Ana Rocha, will be developed in two different moments and proposes a common transformation exercise in a kind of conference/performance, based on the four programmatic centers of Cultura em Expansão – Campanhã, Pasteleira, Miragaia and Bouça. This first presentation of the initiative, which aims to open a path for dialogue, will bring together representatives of the partner structures of Cultura em Expansão, inhabitants and the public in an unexpected meeting, which will feature the musical accompaniment of percussionists João Pais Filipe and Pedro Melo Alves.

With free entry, both shows start at 7.30 pm and require a ticket pickup (up to two per person) on the day and location of the shows, one hour before the beginning of the show.

Scheduled until December, every weekend during the month of October, the Cultura em Expansão calendar also includes a concert by Pop Dell'Arte and the second session of Roda de Histórias by Carlos Marques and Thomas Bakk.

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