Historic locomotives will be “back on track” and then displayed to the community

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Steam trains that were stored in the Port of Leixões will undergo restoration mends in the train maintenance facility of Comboios de Portugal (CP), located in the train station of Contumil, in Porto. This fascinating railroad heritage will be displayed to the community.

This is great news, especially because this means that historic preservation is on the way. These ancient old locomotives had been stored in the Leixões Port facilities and their painstaking restoration will follow the technical guidelines provided by CP, as stated by the APDL -Management of Douro and Leixões Ports Administration, in a press release.

Once these old locomotives are given new lives, APDL will share this invaluable heritage with everyone and the once glorious, powerful and purposed steam trains will regain that old time glory, as these “locomotives portray our historic and industrial heritage, as well as the port’s connection to the railroad”, stated APDL.